Liquid Voting
Volume and Time pondered voting power
Liquid Voting introduces the concept of staking and time to calculating voting power. As a liquid voter, your voting power is proportional to the number of tokens staked at a voting pool multiplied by the time passed in blocks.
Why the name "liquid"?
There are no boundaries, locks, or cliffs associated with "liquid" staking. An actor could change opinions at any time in the middle of the election and start contributing to the voting power of the other option.
Voting Power = Tokens staked * Blocks passed
Practical Example:
Alice and Bob are voting on whether or not to increase the marketing budget. Alice has 40,000 VOTY tokens and chooses "Yes" at a block height of 1000. Bob has 120,000 VOTY tokens and chooses "No" at block height 2000.
If the election ends at a block height of 2100, what would be the net result of Alice and Bob?
Voting Results
In this case, "Yes" would win even with fewer tokens allocated because of time elapsed.
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