Economic Benefits
Votility Economic Advantages

Positive Economical Externalities

Incentivized consensus allows for even the smallest of holders to have their voices heard. This enables you to focus on building a project that your users actually want.

Skin in the game by protocol design

The creator of a proposal has to stake liquidity in a pool composed of the VOT token and the chosen ERC-20 to govern the protocol in question. By doing this, the need of acquiring and being exposed to VOT during the election process for pooling a decision, sanitizes governance, filtering only the relevant proposals.

Financial Rewards

The farmers who stake in the proposal will receive rewards in form of VOT daily returns by harvesting. The more you provide, the more you win.

Consensus Mechanism

According to the focal point theory, whenever you have to care for the vote of other people in order to be right, better and more fair decisions are made. As a result, only the providers who voted for the winning decisions get to withdraw all the APR.
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