Technical Benefits
Votility Technical Advantages
Votility allows you to create a proposal in the protocol that uses proof of liquidity as voting power and sends the results directly to your smart contract.

Write less code

By outsourcing the voting system of your DAO to Votility, the byproduct is a lighter contract that requires you to write less code and save gas. Avoid bugs and exploits by implementing only the hooks that will receive the pooled results.

Spend less on auditing

There's no need to pay for an expensive third-party audit since Votility implements your governance protocol for you.

Make a token-agnostic voting poll

Choose between a totally on-chain model or a hybrid model (ex. proposal is created and executed on-chain and the voting off-chain). The hybrid model allows the participation of a large part of the community, since there is no need to commit operational costs in voting. The centralization point is minimized by the use of the IPFS protocol, which means low storage costs.

On & Off-chain voting

On and Off-chain voting can be implemented according to your project's needs. Do you want to prioritize voting costs or auditability?
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