What is Liquid Voting?
Liquid voting ushers in a new era of governance. It's more distributed, flexible, and efficient.
Votility allows for the easy creation of incentivized DAOs. The incentivization comes from the concept of "Liquid Voting". 
 Traditional voting power is determined based on the number of tokens an individual holds.
 Liquid voting calculates voting power based on how long tokens are staked.
Voting Power = Number of tokens staked * Time staked (in blocks)
This removes the issue of whale-based flash loans and allows small, dedicated users to have more voting power. Staking tokens, as opposed to simply holding tokens, also creates a significant opportunity cost. Whales who are not passionate about the project are disincentivized to vote due to the large opportunity cost.
The voting is "liquid" because a user can seamlessly change opinions in the middle of a proposal. There are no locks or cliffs associated with "liquid" staking.
Last modified 4mo ago
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