Changing Your Vote
We will run through an example where a user changes their vote during a voting period. This is only possible through the power of liquid voting.
Alice and Bob are voting on whether or not to increase the marketing budget within a 3 day voting period. 

Alice has staked 400 tokens for 50 hours in the "Yes" pool. After finding out about new business expenses, Alice decides to vote "No". Alice unstakes her tokens and stakes them in the "No" pool for 20 hours. 
 Bob has staked 5,000 tokens for 5 hours in the "No" pool.
Remember: Voting Power = Number of tokens staked * Time staked (in blocks)
HOURS are used instead of BLOCKS in this example for the sake of simplicity
Outcome: β€œNO”
 β€œNo” is the winning decision since Alice was able to change her opinion during the voting period. Many proposals and elections last for several days or even weeks. Whether it's from new information, research, or discussion, we believe users should have the freedom to change their minds during a voting period.
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