Introduction to the Votility Protocol
The Problem
Current DAOs suffer from an extreme lack of engagement that leads to centralization. Whales end up having most of the voting power. As a result, the project doesn't get to hear the voices of most of its members. Members then don't feel like their voices get heard and become apathetic towards the project. Unless an individual holds a large amount of the token, they have no incentive nor desire to vote. The project suffers. The users suffer. The community suffers. This negative feedback loop is present in virtually every DAO.
β€ŒThe Solution
Votility is a DAO creation framework that empowers ALL of its users. Using Votility, you can create an incentivized DAO in minutes.
Why Votility?
Ease of use.
Votility provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface, where no in-depth knowledge of DAOs is required to get all of its benefits. The protocol requires the developer to use known design patterns in the creation of the base token, standardizes essential security issues, defines a communication mechanism between components, and drastically reduces development time by delivering the deployed smart contract and a user interface (dApp) to manage the proposals that will govern the DAO.
You can choose from our three built-in voting algorithms (Volume, Liquid, or Quadratic). If you want something different, Votility will help you create your own custom algorithm and protocol with ease.
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